Alex manages design and front end development for and is SitePoint's Design and UX editor.

Alex's articles

  1. The Other Really Cool Feature in Photoshop CS5

    Photoshop’s new Puppet Warp is a completely different kind of image manipulation tool — beyond the traditional clone, scale, rotate, shear, and distort tools that we’re all accustomed to. Could it be the most useful new feature in CS5?

  2. Cross-browser Development with SuperPreview

    In the final article in our Expression Web series, Alex shows us the ins and outs of the SuperPreview feature, which lets you preview your site across many browser rendering engines right in the editor.

  3. Reflections on Remix 2010

    Last week, a small SitePoint contingent attended REMIX Australia where our own Matty Magain presented a very well-received talk on anonymous visitor data entitled ‘What We Know About You’. Here’s my wrap up of the best of the rest.

  4. Who Sends HTML Email Anyway?

    Ask most people and they’ll tell you HTML email is mostly used for spam, product shills and newsletters. But take a closer look at your inbox and you may well be surprised.

  5. Google and the Ghosts of Pacman’s Past

    While it may be the results page that pays the bills at Google, I think the front page is still their heart and soul. Over more than ten years we’ve seen Google Doodles paying tribute to everything from Morse code to Burning Man to Lego and yesterday — just in case you missed it — the 25th anniversary of Pacman. Only this time, they may well have outdone themselves.

  6. Google Fonts is Born – Can I get a Hallelujah!?

    Today, Google announced the Google Font API and Google Font Directory at their IO Developer Conference. Using a single line of code you’ll now be able to legally link and use a range of fonts without needing them to be present on the user’s system.

  7. Design with Intent Toolkit Released

    One of the main tricks to good design is finding the right questions to ask at the right time. But how do you find those questions? The Design with Intent Toolkit may help.

  8. HTML5 Quake to Shake Up Flash

    Googlites Ray Cromwell, Stefan Haustein and Joel Webber have just released an amazing ’20 percent project’ that makes you wonder whether HTML5 doesn’t have natural limitations.

  9. How to Break Up with Firefox

    Confession time: Somewhere down the back of my T-shirt drawer there’s a black tee with a red dinosaur and the word Mozilla in blocky soviet-industrial type. It’s from a time when Firefox was young and easy and free, and we were in love.
    Ah, Firefox. Whatever happened to us?

  10. Easily Distracted? It’s time to Write or Die

    We all know what it’s like. You need to finish that blog post/copy/presentation but the inspiration just isn’t hitting you. Why not duck across to your Twitter feed, check email or see what’s happening in Facebookland? Well, if you happen to be using Jeff Printy’s Write or Die, there may be a very good reason not to.