Alex manages design and front end development for and is SitePoint's Design and UX editor.

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  1. Hail the WDT — We are not worthy!

    As fast and secure and cool as the Firefox web browser is, if I had to name my number one reason for using Firefox as my primary browser, there’s a simple answer — the Web Developer Toolbar. Although I dimly remember a time, long ago, when I worked without it, like many other developers, my […]

  2. Logs, Damn Logs, and Browser Statistics

    As we all know, one of the constant joys of web design is the ongoing wrestle with the ever-changing browser landscape into which our creations are released. Camino? Opera 6 or 7? Safari 0.6? What is this… ‘Netscape 4‘ of which you speak? Recently Dan Cederholm, the man behind the Fast Company redesign, ignited some […]

  3. Customizing the Autoscrolling Icon

    Here’s one from the ‘you could, though you probably wouldn’t, but it’s nice to know you can‘ department. Tom was playing around with FireFox yesterday and came to the realization that the auto-scroll icon is actually inserted dynamically into the document’s HTML, but outside the HEAD and BODY — meaning it’s still within the clutches […]

  4. CSS Rollovers – Just Add Water

    Isn’t it great when someone not only comes up with an nice solution to a problem (rollovers in this case), but then takes the extra effort to make it easy for you to understand and implement yourself? Recently Simon Collison spent some time thinking about CSS images rollovers and distilled his conclusions and code into […]

  5. Shopping Carts and Madness

    I stumbled across a really useful article by Barbara Chaparro covering the ‘Top Ten Mistakes of Shopping Cart Design‘ this morning. The article was published more than three years ago, but I think it’s still very much ‘on the money’. I recommend reading the whole article, but to paraphrase her, the 10 biggest mistakes are: […]

  6. 2005 – Hand me that grindstone!

    After a ‘sans-internet’ start to the year, I’ve spent most of the morning catching up. As the latest ALA article was published just before Christmas, I suspect quite a few people may have missed it in the rush (if you’ve seen it, indulge me) but Daniel Frommelt has come up with a CSS method to […]

  7. Fotobuzz – Image… Flash Replacement?

    It’s always interesting how to see how one clever idea can start someone thinking along slightly different lines. The guy’s at 2Entwine have taken some of the core technique from sIFR and re-applied it images, allowing you to annotate them on-the-fly images. Once you have it set up, adding nothing more than a custom class […]

  8. Winter in the Google-verse

    Seasonal decoration and localization have been discussion points around the SitePoint office of late. On one hand, what could be wrong with adding a little seasonal vibe to a site? A sprig of holly here, perhaps? A star there? You would have to be a total grinch to object, right? The problem is whenever you […]

  9. Web Design 2005: Have crystal ball will travel

    Well, as the year draws to a close it’s often a time of review, along with predictions of the coming years trends. While this is sometimes akin to shaving your head, painting a red target on it and handing someone a rubber mallet it (people have uncanny memories when you’re wrong) it’s never less than […]

  10. Ah, like sands through the hourglass…

    Ah, like sands through the hourglass… Greetings. As Corrie mentioned in the last post, increasing work demands have meant she’s be forced to take a break from Pixel Perfect — but if we’re lucky we might still see some more great articles from her, time permitting. Whatever the case, she’s done a wonderful job taking […]