Alex manages design and front end development for and is SitePoint's Design and UX editor.

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  1. All We Want for Christmas is Our CSS …

    You’ve no doubt been following our 2012 SitePoint Christmas Sale – a winterland-themed design extravaganza (desktop version only). Elements on screen that have unfolded day by day have included ice skaters to a dancing bear to leaping fish to a smoking locomotive — and there’s plenty more to come. Now we’re adding a “Christmas story […]

  2. Using CSS Animation to tell the SitePoint Christmas Story

    If you’ve been following our 2012 SitePoint Christmas Sale, you may have noticed the winterland story unfolding in the background (desktop version only). So far, we’ve had everything from ice skaters to dancing bear to leaping fish to a smoking locomotive — with plenty more to come. Today we’re launched a new ‘story mode’ for […]

  3. Four Big Ideas from Web Directions South 2012

    It happens each October. Spring hits Sydney town, the flowers bloom and the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre takes on the pungent aroma of all things web. Yes, Web Directions South 2012 has come and gone for another year. Two weeks later, here are the talks that I’m still thinking about. Lea Verou’s Ten Things […]

  4. How the Brady Bunch Can Help your CSS

    The “C” in CSS — the “cascading” part — describes the way our styles can flow down from the high-level architecture in our documents, down to the smaller page elements. It hints at the normal direction that styles flow — downwards — but this isn’t the ONLY way styles can be routed to one page […]

  5. Free Screencast: Getting Started with CSS3 Animation

    Does this sound familiar? You’ve seen enough, say, CSS3 animation examples (or maybe transitions, or sibling selector demos or whatever) to understand the basic idea, but just need someone to quickly run through the code with you when it comes time to use it? Well, that’s EXACTLY what Jumpcasts are about. Five to 10-minute crash […]

  6. SitePoint’s New Logo — and the Story Behind It

    Logo redesigns. They sometimes feel a little like squeezing toothpaste from one tube into another. It’s fiddly work. You’re battling not to lose valuable stuff in the process. Even if you nail it, people will mostly just notice ‘how clean it looks’. With that in mind, we recently took on the task of updating the SitePoint logo. […]

  7. Taking CSS1k to the Garden of CSS-3den

    Limitation breeds creativity. The CSS1k Project has embraced this idea and used it to set a challenge for front-end developers. At a time when even Google’s famously no-frills home page CSS is edging towards 40,000 CSS characters, CSS1k asks us to do something cool with just 1024.

  8. Playing with Fire: Organic CSS3 Animation

    A few years back, I saw a great episode of Mythbusters, where they tested the idea of the Chinese water torture. One by one, Adam, Kari, Scotty and Tory were each firmly secured before being subjected to the slow, rhythmic beat of droplets onto their foreheads. And one by one, each was broken down — in […]