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  1. Vanishing Point in Photoshop CS2

    Continuing the ‘Adobe Creative Suite 2′ theme from my last post, I thought I’d walk you through one of Photoshop’s newest and grooviest features. Vanishing Point is a new ‘mini-app’ within Photoshop that allows you impose a 3D framework on top of any 2D image. With this grid in place, all your interactions (cut, paste, […]

  2. Tracing in Illustrator CS2

    Although I’ll be covering Adobe’s Creative Site 2 in more detail in the Design View, I thought I’d take a look at a new feature that grabbed my attention — ‘Live Trace’. Till now, I’d have to say that automatic tracing tools have always sounded like a great idea, but have never been truly useful. […]

  3. Once more with Expression 3

    A long time ago, a clever little company (Fractal Design) lived happily in the woods creating nifty graphics applications (Painter and Expression). They had a natural talent with creating software that expertly mimicked the attributes and qualities of real crayons, paints and other natural media. Everyone liked their work and everyone was happy. Then one […]

  4. Firefox Dev Widgets

    One of the things I really enjoy about using Firefox is the constant flow of new and groovy extensions. Taking a few minutes to trundle through the extension list always brings back that ‘lollyshop feeling’ I had as a kid — ‘Umm,.. I’ll have one of those,… and…one of those,… Ooo! That one! Definitely one […]

  5. CSS Formatter & Optimiser

    Just a quick one. I tend to use a couple of text editors depending on what I’m doing. jEdit is my current pick of the crop for ‘ ‘down’n’dirty’ texting (but how bad is the placement of that Download button?). However I also tend to keep a couple of really small, fast-loading editors handy for […]

  6. Radical Interface Approaches

    Improvement is usually an incremental thing. Look at your last two cars. Your last two cell phones. Smart people take the current best version of something and make a small adjustment to it — keeping all the other nice things that worked before. Baby and the bathwater. But not always. Sometimes when the playing field […]

  7. TILT! Tables sneak in the backdoor

    There’s been a lot written about using the DOM to retro-fit HTML to make to work and look nicer than is otherwise possible. Little did we know the dark force we were tinkering with. Pining for the simplicity of table-based layout, Dimitri Glazkov has come up with a cunning way to slip tables to the […]

  8. Safari passes the Acid Test

    Blow the trumpets and release the doves! Safari has won the race to be the first browser to pass the ACID2 browser compliance test. Nice work Dave Hyatt. In case you’ve missed the talk about Acid2 till now, here’s the exec summary. Fundamentally, the Acid2 test is a page, designed and made available by the […]

  9. Panoramas Made Easy

    This is pretty slick stuff. Matthew Brown is a PhD from University of British Columbia who worked on Microsoft’s photo-stitch software as an intern over 2003/04. He now applies the experience he gained there with his knack for AI to produce his own impressive ‘Autostitch‘. The demo is free at this stage (but possibly not […]

  10. Adobe aquires Macromedia

    Not it’s not a joke. Adobe and Macromedia will be one. “Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq: ADBE) has announced a definitive agreement to acquire Macromedia (Nasdaq: MACR) in an all-stock transaction valued at approximately $3.4 billion.” How bizarre. It’s like your brother marrying your aunty — you may well be fond of both, but the thought […]