Alex manages design and front end development for and is SitePoint's Design and UX editor.

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  1. Small Screen Testing in FireFox

    A month or two ago I wrote a little piece on Testing for Smartphones & PDAs in the Design View. In essence, the article was a barebones rundown of the more well known small screen emulators. Today I discovered I had overlooked a reasonably handy alternative — particularly if Firefox is your weapon of choice […]

  2. Firefox – the secret is out

    As you may have already noticed, SitePoint’s latest title has just hit the shelves — ‘Firefox Secrets’ by Cheah Chu Yeow. Chu Yeow, in case you don’t know, has run one of the most influential and informative Firefox blogs over the last few years and has been a long time, respected member of the Mozilla […]

  3. The End of CAPTCHA?

    Aside: It’s good to be back at the wheel after a short interlude — having gained a baby daughter but minus a little surplus sleep ;) Most of us have used a ‘CAPTCHA’ at some point, even if we didn’t know that’s what it was called. According to WikiPedia, ‘CAPTCHA‘ is the acronym for ‘Completely […]

  4. Veerle’s Charts in Illustrator CS2

    I’ve spent a bit of time recently talking about some of the newer and groovier features in Creative Suite 2, so it’s great to see Veerle chime in with this easy-to-follow tutorial on producing stylish pie charts using Illustrator CS2. I think the nicest feature is Illustrator lets you to leave the data in a […]

  5. Tribute to a Friend

    Last week I was deeply saddened to learn of the tragic and slightly bewildering passing of Nigel McFarlane– a great friend and colleague of all of us at SitePoint. Nigel was a widely-respected open-source expert, advocate and commentator, who worked very closely with the publishing team on our soon-to-be-released ‘Firefox Secrets’ book. His astonishing technical […]

  6. Acrobat Tricks

    I must admit I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with Acrobat. I’ve never been particularly enamoured with the idea of text file format that requires a 25MB reader app. On top of that, it’s performance has never been exactly sizzling either. On the other hand, if you’ve ever taken finished artwork to […]

  7. Eric’s Universal Child Selector

    A couple of weeks ago Eric Meyer published a little revelation on mimicking the Universal Child Selector. Although I read it at the time, it probably took a week to sink in to the point where it was of real use to me. I thought I’d look at that here. In case, you’re not familiar […]

  8. Microsoft releases Acrylic beta

    A few weeks back we were pondering what ever happened to ‘Creature House’s Expression’ after Microsoft assimilated it 18 months ago. There was some talk about an upcoming beta, but in the software business the ‘upcoming beta’ can often be akin to the dragon, the mermaid and the unicorn. Fun to think about. However in […]

  9. Vanishing Point in Photoshop CS2

    Continuing the ‘Adobe Creative Suite 2′ theme from my last post, I thought I’d walk you through one of Photoshop’s newest and grooviest features. Vanishing Point is a new ‘mini-app’ within Photoshop that allows you impose a 3D framework on top of any 2D image. With this grid in place, all your interactions (cut, paste, […]

  10. Tracing in Illustrator CS2

    Although I’ll be covering Adobe’s Creative Site 2 in more detail in the Design View, I thought I’d take a look at a new feature that grabbed my attention — ‘Live Trace’. Till now, I’d have to say that automatic tracing tools have always sounded like a great idea, but have never been truly useful. […]