Alex is a professional web designer and developer from the UK with over 10 years experience in the field. In his spare he's always tinkering with something new and web-based. He also loves most sports and rock climbing.

Alex's articles

  1. Frontend Alternatives: Delving into UIkit

    There are many ‘UI frameworks’ out there in the web wild these days. The most popular of these include Bootstrap by Twitter, Foundation, Pure, HTML5 Boilerplate and Skeleton to name but a few. They lay a great foundation for building your web projects, without having to worry about re-inventing base grids and styles yourself, or […]

  2. Rethinking Links: The Search for a Better HREF

    Links have always been, well, links. A blue bit of text on a web page that takes you somewhere else. What’s perhaps most surprising about links is how little they’ve changed since their inception in 1965. This is most likely because they haven’t needed to. They are just a way to navigate between two places. […]