Aldo is a student of Computer Engineering who enjoys app development. He is a developer for Mozilla Albania and has developed a couple of Firefox OS apps. In his free time, he practices C/C++, Java and web programming.

Aldo's articles

  1. Introduction to the Firefox OS Command Line Interface

    Firefox OS (we’ll be referring to as FFOS) is a new Mobile Operating System full of potential and increasing in popularity with users and developers.

    After developing a couple of FFOS applications, I think the process could be more automated and less repetitive. There has to be a faster way to create a project than manually creating the whole directory tree and necessary files for every FFOS application.

    Inspired by Git, I decided to create a Command-Line Interface to automate the process and help other developers who like developing FFOS apps.

    What is ffos-cli?

    ffos-cli is a simple tool, developed in the C programming language. It helps you generate the entire directory tree needed for a FFOS app and more.

    It helps the developer:

    • Create a new project folder with the name of the application
    • Edit the manifest file from the command-line
    • Add source files to the project