Akash Mehta is a web developer and freelance writer specializing in web application development.

Akash's articles

  1. Learn Adobe AIR, Part I: Build A Note Storage App

    Following up from his competition-winning tutorial, Akash explains how to use Adobe AIR to build a handy notes storage app. This is the first of three articles on building web-enabled desktop applications using the exciting Adobe AIR platform.

  2. Walk on AIR: Create a To-do List in Five Minutes

    Adobe AIR is a platform for building web apps that run on your desktop. In this introductory tutorial, Akash shows how easy it is to quickly create a simple to-do list desktop application using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript!

  3. Last we checked, PHP IS a framework.

    When it comes to web programming languages, PHP probably holds the record for copping criticism from the community at large. Comparisons with alternatives such as Ruby on Rails and Python/Django are common; defenders of PHP are quick to criticise the comparison of a language and a framework. But at the end of the day, developers […]

  4. Why Yahoo’s BrowserPlus has a long way to go

    Yahoo recently announced BrowserPlus, a browser-plugin based runtime that enables web applications to “break out of the browser”, and offer functionality typically reserved for desktop applications. While not entirely ready yet, a preview release of BrowserPlus demonstrates building some common applications purely in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, including an IRC client, a drag-and-drop photo uploader and a JSON […]

  5. PHPBench.com: Live PHP benchmarks, demystifying “best practices”

    As a new contributor to the SitePoint blogs, I’ll be covering PHP web development, JavaScript and general web tech. When it comes to optimizing PHP for performance, there’s no end of resources available, and no end of conflicting opinions either. Everyone seems to have their own approach to writing “fast” PHP code; using single quotes, […]

  6. 20 Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back For More

    Do you have a high turnover of clients? Constantly fighting to win new work? The answer could be looking you in the face every day — your existing clients! Let Akash explain how and why client retention is key to freelance success.

  7. 8 Top Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

    Young people with ambition strive to make their mark on the Web, but many great potential start-ups never take wing because of the challenges facing young entrepreneurs. Here, Akash outlines eight invaluable tips for young entrepreneurs.

  8. Whip Up a Yahoo! Mashup Using PHP

    Itching to create your own mashup? The huge range of Yahoo! APIs gives you total creative freedom and countless sites are taking full advantage. Here, Akash explains how to build your own Yahoo! mashup, using PHP to combine Yahoo! Maps and Search functionality to create a truly useful local search engine that really works!

  9. Easy Ajax with jQuery Article

    Client-side Code (jQuery) Now, on to the jQuery front end. First, we need to declare the timestamp of the current message as 0, and call the function that loads the messages from the server: timestamp = 0;   updateMsg(); Next, we’ll write the code for the form submission. jQuery allows us to add an event […]