Anum is Web and Graphic designer. Addicted to Photoshop and crazy for pixel perfection. She is also an active blogger, sharing her passions, skills and creative details on her blog Websoulz. She loves to connect with the community, sharing the latest design gossips and rolling her eyes on boring trends.

Anum's articles

  1. Learn How to Create a Retro TV in Illustrator

    Photoshop is surely the most popular software for designers, but its lesser-known cousin Illustrator has merits of its own. Every designer should learn Illustrator, especially if you already have it as part of your Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe recently added some impressive new features to Illustrator CS6, making it an even more powerful and intuitive […]

  2. How to Create an Interesting Media Player in Photoshop

    If you want your videos (or your client’s) to be truly compelling, you should think twice before defaulting to a standard, drab media player. Carefully designing the context and the space around your videos can help them make a much stronger impression on the viewer. Using Photoshop, you can design a persuasive media presence using […]

  3. Create a Stylish Badge in Adobe Photoshop

    Badges are a great way to display information on any blog or website. Due to their eye-catching quality, they grasp the visitor’s attention instantaneously. There are many resources for generic badges on the web these days; however, it’s always good to make your own. This way, you can tailor it to perfectly suit the needs […]

  4. Create an Amazing Diary Vector in Photoshop

    Using its basic tools and layer styling capabilities, Photoshop can be used to create photo-realistic vectors. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a diary vector in Adobe Photoshop using an easy step-by-step approach. You will also learn to create shadow, a pencil icon, a stitched effect, and a folded paper effect. So, […]

  5. Create an Awesome Portfolio Layout in Photoshop

    A stylish portfolio is critical for any designer. Other professions have the luxury of describing their skills and accolades in words, but designers can’t just describe their work; they have to show it. Designers are most often compared, chosen, and hired based on the impression that their portfolio makes. Even if your work samples are […]