Adem has been a Web Designer for over 5 years. Along with creating Websites for his clients he also makes pre-made Web templates.

Adem's articles

  1. Design a Website In Photoshop Article

    Optimizing and Exporting We are now going to optimize and export each slice. Use the “Slice Selection Tool” to select the slice called gray_bar Now, hold down the shift key, and click the blue_square slice. As these are both single-color images, we can optimize both at the same time. Use these settings to optimize the […]

  2. Design a Website In Photoshop Article

    Next, import your image into ImageReady, and select the “Slices” option from the menu. In the drop down menu click “Create Slices from Guides”. Your image should look like this: Note that all the slices have been created from the guidelines, and are numbered. The numbers are merely the default method by which ImageReady names […]

  3. Design a Website In Photoshop Article

    Putting It All Together Now it’s time to put all the images we just sliced up into an HTML document, to create our page template. Create a table that has 5 rows and 3 columns. Be sure to place the <center> tag before the table and the </center> tag after the table, to make sure […]