Abbas is a software engineer by profession and a passionate coder who lives every moment to the fullest. He loves open source projects and WordPress. When not chilling around with friends he's occupied with one of the following open source projects he's built: Choomantar, The Browser Counter WordPress plugin, and Google Buzz From Admin.

Abbas's articles

  1. Mastering Database Storage and Retrieval in Android

    Data has always been the most important part of any mobile application. Developers need to store substantial amounts of data in an organized fashion in order for their apps to be truly valuable to their users. In Android, you can store your data using quite a few different methods, both in active memory and in […]

  2. Store User Data Using Simple Text Files and APIs in Android

    Android apps have a wide variety of features, functionalities, and purposes. These various Android apps require similarly varied support from Android system APIs. Many apps require storing data in short-term memory that lasts only as long as the app is running. But, some apps need to store data or user preferences persistently, so that user […]

  3. Building a WordPress Plugin to Create an AJAX Contact Form

    Besides providing us with features like creating post and pages, WordPress also offers good support for enhancing site functionality through plugins. In this article we are going to see how to create a simple contact form plugin in WordPress and post data via AJAX. Creating the Plugin Let’s start by creating a plugin. To create […]

  4. Understanding and Utilizing Threads in Android

    Threads have been an essential part of computer science and a versatile tool for programmers for decades. Most modern operating systems support threads, and Android is no exception. Android’s support for threads enables programmers to split their programs into multiple units that execute commands and instructions in parallel. A thread is the smallest unit of […]

  5. Create a Voting Plugin for WordPress

    Introduction WordPress, as a platform, has moved from only being a blogging platform, to a platform for a wide variety of websites. One major reason for this, is how easily WordPress can be customized and extended. This enables programmers to create far more functional sites than a normal blog. In the following tutorial we are […]

  6. How to Handle SMS in Android Development

    SMS is an integral part of mobile devices and mobile applications. An overwhelming majority of mobile users use the SMS service on their mobiles; some use it dozens of times per day. Android provides a very good API so that developers can integrate SMS technology into their apps, increasing the utility and appeal of their […]

  7. Know Your Layouts in Android

    Android provides solid support for the development of UI-based applications. Android provides a variety of widgets that the application programmer can use to create a desired layout and interface. These layout elements can be created via the programming language directly, or through XML layout files. In this article, we are going to show you both […]

  8. Intents in Android

    Intents are a message-passing mechanism provided in Android, and are asynchronous in nature. In this tutorial, Abbas creates a basic application to demonstrate how they operate.