Formerly a developer in the corporate world, HAWK (known as Sarah by her mother) said goodbye to the code and succumbed to the lure of social media. Community Manager for the SitePoint network for several years now. If you're a member of our community you'll be familiar with ^hawk.

Sarah's articles

  1. Name That Pic

    Over the last month HAWK has run a few spontaneous caption competitions on our Facebook page. Some of the responses have been hilarious so she’s throwing it open to the rest of you.

  2. Talk Rails With The Experts

    Next up in our ‘Talk With The Experts’ live chat workshops is on the subject of Rails and our experts are SitePoint group developers Paul Annesley, Fred Wu and Mal Curtis.

  3. Talk Traffic With The Experts – How It All Went Down

    Yesterday we ran the third session in our Talk With The Experts series and this time the subject was traffic. If you’re curious about the kind of things that came up, here is a sample of the questions, along with their corresponding responses from our experts.

  4. Talk WordPress With The Experts

    A couple of weeks ago we ran our first ‘Talk With The Experts’ live chat and it was a huge success so we’ve decided to do it again. The second in our series is on the subject of WordPress and our experts are SitePoint developers Harley Alexander and Bernard Peh along with assorted Advisors from […]

  5. Jed Shows Us His Books.

    Our PHP Master “Show Us Your Books” competition has wrapped up and the brand new Kindle full of books has been snapped up by Jed Barker.

  6. We’re Giving Away Our Best Prize Ever!

    To celebrate the launch of our latest book PHP Master, Write Cutting Edge Code,  we are giving away a brand new Kindle loaded up with 25 of our best selling books, including the new release! That is over $800 worth of prize!

  7. Win A Brand New Kindle Loaded With SitePoint Books!

    For over 10 years, SitePoint has been committed to publishing the best books for web developers & designers. This tradition, and focus on quality, continues today with a new PHP Master book just around the corner. To celebrate, we’d like to take a step back and see how SitePoint’s books have helped you “become a better web developer”.

  8. Communities as Consumers

    August was a month of introspection for Hawk, who spent her time examining our group of communities and trying to get some insight into just what it is that is making them tick.