Formerly a developer in the corporate world, HAWK (known as Sarah by her mother) said goodbye to the code and succumbed to the lure of social media. Community Manager for the SitePoint network for several years now. If you're a member of our community you'll be familiar with ^hawk.

Sarah's articles

  1. Talk with the Experts:
    The Legalities of Social Media – Transcript

    In the interests of full disclosure, I am going to start this post off with an admission. I orchestrated today’s Talk with the Experts online chat session mainly for my own selfish enjoyment. Our expert was Leanne O’Donnell, senior lawyer at digital agency ntegrity and the topic was The Legalities of Social Media. The hour […]

  2. Marketing for Nerds Who Hate Marketing: The Transcript

    Today I had the pleasure of hosting my ex-boss Shayne Tilley, in our Talk with the Experts chatroom. Shayne dragged himself out of bed at 4am to talk about online marketing (specifically for those of us that are averse to the concept of marketing) and it was an invaluable session. I took away several tips […]

  3. Talk with the Experts:
    Spelling & Grammar – The Transcript

    This morning I hosted one of the more entertaining Talk with the Experts sessions to date. The subject was a little unusual – spelling and grammar isn’t something you would immediately think of when you think of web development but perhaps you should! How often do you find a spelling mistake on a site and […]

  4. Talk with the Experts:

    SitePoint Lead Writer Craig Buckler and former Opera Dev webinista Tiffany Brown get online this week to talk about HTML5. Will one hour be enough?

  5. Talk with the Experts:
    Social Media – The Transcript

    Today I somewhat selfishly hosted a Talk with the Experts session that was all about a subject that is very dear to my heart – social media. I say selfishly because I spent more of the session asking questions than I did moderating. Our expert today was Richenda Vermeulen, director of Australian digital agency ntegrity. […]

  6. Talk with the Experts:
    SitePoint Redesign – The Transcript

    Talk with the Experts this week was timely. We were lucky enough to spend an hour in the chatroom with Peter Bakacs, the design genius behind the newly relaunched SitePoint. The session was a busy one and poor Peter was slammed with questions but managed to hold his own and impart some interesting tidbits of […]

  7. Talking Photoshop with the Experts: Transcript

    Always keen to push the boundaries, today I decided to test whether or not it is humanly possible to teach people about Photoshop without sharing a screen. The experiment was a semi-success, with lots of really useful tips and some handy resources emerging. I’m referring to the latest in our Talk with the Experts series […]