• Just launched into public beta, this site provides a directory of reusable widgets for use in web pages.
  • Danny Sullivan, the face of Search Engine Watch and the Search Engine Strategies conference series, announces he is departing both after failing to negotiate terms for his continued participation with their new owner, Incisive Media.
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  • Flickr, the popular (and AJAXy) photo sharing site, has added support for geotagging photos (adding a geographical location to the metadata) with Yahoo! Maps integration. In the first 24 hours after the feature’s release, over 1.2 million photos were tagg
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  • Free for personal, educational and non-commercial use, WinSnap is a screen capturing software with a great many convenient and powerful features (e.g. transparency for non-rectangular windows). Windows only, obviously.
  • If you’re interested in tackling JavaScript with a view to writing a 2D action game, this article provides an overview of the issues encountered by a developer who recently did the same.
  • A nice list of resources (most of them free) for learning Python from scratch.
  • Haven’t downloaded enough must-have Windows utilities lately? This brand new list will keep you busy for hours. Includes many indispensable developer tools.
  • The ultimate in simplicity, drop this plug-in into any ASP.NET web site and make a couple of small web.config changes, and you’ve got yourself a CMS for creating and managing new pages on the site. Requires the Atlas toolkit for AJAX.
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  • A 3D graphics library for Flash Player 9 written in ActionScript 3. Supports depth of field effects and seems to offer reasonable performance on a modest machine. Check out some of the more recent posts on this blog that show off new features as they’re d
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Kevin began developing for the Web in 1995 and is a highly respected technical author. Kev is a world-renowned author, speaker and JavaScript expert. He has a passion for making web technology easy to understand by anyone. Yes, even you!

  • malikyte

    That Scott Hanselman’s page got me sidetracked for 45 mins out of my 1-hour lunch break. Thanks a lot! :P

  • http://www.seoslap.com Optimized

    Yea, its got me starring at the computer 2 hours after work.. Good Stuff

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