Another year, another CFUnited


Did you make it to CFUnited this year? Yea me neither, I was supposed to go but after my little sabbatical to Shreveport LA plans kind of got lost.

BUT lucky for us we can still experience it even if we didn’t get to sit in the chairs and pal around the conference area. Be sure to check out the feeds to get the scoop.

One post I want to point out in particular is the one Ben Forta made about performance for CF8. Let’s just say the numbers are amazing!

Also if you’re someone who likes to get a quick overview, then Matt Woodward has some great Google Doc outlines of the events he attended.

If you attended or know of some other posts of interest feel free to share them in the comments.

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  • Cory

    ….and the crickets roar as usual for coldfusion…

  • tonybone

    With all due respect to Eric, the sitepoint coldfusion blog is not exactly one that CF’ers flock to. The CF blogsphere may be small compared to others, but it’s definitely very active. Check out