Another Rails blogger


Hi I’m Tim Lucas and I’ve joined the team here at Sitepoint to keep you up-to-date with what’s going on in Rails land.

I come from a software development and usability background, a similar mix from where Rails started, and since hopping on the Rails train over 15 months ago I’ve developed a number of large applications for organisations in Oz, released a few plugins and can now be found stumbling around the hallways mumbling class def extend, deploy deploy!

It was a pleasure to meet you and be sure to stay peeled for more activity on the Rails blog from here on in.

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  • boy

    Being an avid follower of Ruby on Rails, i am sure i am going to enjoy your entires. Welcome aboard

  • MarkB

    Looking forward to your input here, Tim. As someone who is still dipping his toes into the Rails pool (and it’s frrrresh!;)), I was hoping for good things from this blog. Please don’t let me down! :p

  • timlucas

    Thanks boy and Mark! I hope you enjoy the swim.

  • Luke Byrne

    Hey Timmy,

    Good stuff mate, you back from your trip then?

    Got any any good stuff you gonna do first up, edit in place would be cool.



  • timlucas

    Hey Luke. Yep I arrived back just over two weeks ago. Want a blog-tute on edit-in-place?

  • Matthew Magain

    Welcome aboard Tim, look forward to your Rails ramblings!

  • timlucas

    Luke: looks like your wish was granted, though not by me, but Alex Bunardzic with his simple explanation of how simple in_place_edit is.