Just thought I’d highlight the great work being done by the guys at PHP Application Tools. Not only have they been helping out PHP developers for ages now with their various pat* projects (probably patTemplate is the most reknowned) but they also maintain no less than 8 PEAR packages (been finding XML_Serializer very useful recently). Many thanks!

Would be great to see more PHP developers getting behind PEAR…

  • http://www.jeebers.com dereko

    Their website doesn’t work… least not when I went to it.. not really a good advertisement of there services. :)

  • http://www.sitepoint.com AlexW

    Seems fine now.

    A little slow to start, but otherwise fine.

  • http://joystickrequired.com Jump

    Well it says they have just moved to a new server and be having problems. Besides that, any site linked to from Sitepoint will be having load problems eh? ;)

  • http://www.peterbailey.net beetle

    I’ve been using patTemplate for over a year and think it’s great. I also used their patXMLRenderer for my fValidate website, which was great fun (I’m trying to write an XLink extension for it).

    That XML_Serializer does look great!

  • Stephan Schmidt


    We moved to a new server and some Nameservers may have some problems… Should all be working again.


    BTW: Thanks for the praise Harry, we also like your work :-)

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