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  1. Continuous Integration with PHP-CI

    part for me was the fact that I received messages like Plugin Status: Success and Plugin Status: Failed in my console and the build was giving me an empty table. I believed it meant that it somehow failed to run a tool like PHPUnit. Yet it tells you if PHPUnit actually succeeded or failed
  2. Symfony in Drupal 8

    further on Guzzle, we recommend reading our previous article on it. PHPUnit – Used in Drupal 8 to standardize unit testing throughout the core as well as help developers write code that is of utmost quality. PHPUnit ensures that any code written in Drupal 8 and in any custom module incorporated
  3. Autogenerate CRUD Apps with Phreeze

    view in a later stage. Another type of package is called the test package. If supports PHPUnit and QUnit. We will not cover this in this article. Application Name and Root URL For application name, just give it a meaningful one of your choice. We need to be careful when setting
  4. Functional Testing in Symfony2

    that there are some typos in the template or that there is a logical flaw and the counting of all books fails. To run the test, issue the following command in the terminal window: php phuunit.phar -c app/ The “-c app/” argument simply tells PHPUnit to use the configuration found in the app
  5. PHP News You May Have Missed

    down the barrel of another WP-plugin/theme marketplace, filled to the brim with awful, irreparable code, or does this have proper potential? We’ll know more in a couple days. For now, all we know is that Cartalyst seems to be behind the site. PHPUnit drops PEAR support PHPUnit, the essential
  6. Politics Often Hold the Community Back

    with testing, code sniffing etc, but it’s definitely something I’d like to implement in the near future. What is in your standard toolchain? PHPUnit and PHPStorm - daily. Ansible and Vagrant more and more. I also use thinks like Navicat for MySQL (because I bought it before I realised Sequel Pro
  7. Interview: Tom Oram and Rob Allen

    there is a failing test somewhere! If you’re not used to this, then it can take some time, but after a while you will find it harder to write code without tests. Secondly give phpspec a try. PHPUnit is very forgiving and when using it you can come up with all sorts of “clever” tests to test the code
  8. Composer Cheatsheet

    ": { "post-update-cmd": MyVendor\\MyClass::postUpdate", "post-package-install": , "post-install-cmd": [ "MyVendor\\MyClass::warmCache", "phpunit -c app/" ] }, As with the composer.phar section, by mousing over them, you’ll see the section specifics, on the right
  9. Data Fixtures in Symfony2

    and configure the DoctrineFixturesBundle. If you are familiar with Composer, the process should be easy and straightforward, no hassles. Next, we will install PHPUnit, the default test framework used by Symfony. Its official site offers the download of the latest phpunit.phar file. Simply save
  10. First Look at Thelia 2: Next Generation E-commerce?

    . The full version won't be launched until the end of this year, but when an e-commerce system is described in terms of open source, Symfony, HTML5, Bootstrap, Propel, PHPUnit, Travis, Smarty and semantic microdata, it warrants some attention. Fundamentals Thelia 2 is built on some popular
  11. Building a Web App with Symfony 2: Finalizing

    ; } } To make sure this function really works, we'll have to test it before using it. We'll use PHPUnit as the test bench. Please refer to the official site for detailed instructions on how to install it. I used the phpunit.phar way to download the package and place it in my
  12. Continuous Deployment Revisited

    of and hoping it would be enough (and, of course, it never was). No, I’m talking about some real fine testing, automatic tests that put your code through its paces. PHPUnit contains a large number of standard tests (assertions) that can be performed on your code. If there are problems, an exception
  13. phpDay 2013: News and Highlights

    and showed some examples of how it can simplify the creation of mocks compared other frameworks like PHPUnit. It seems a very promising project, but I can't give an honest assessment of it since I haven't tried it and don't have much experience with mocking. There's not enough space to write about
  14. Maven and PHP

    the PHP-Maven plugin from the command line and in Eclipse. Install Maven PHP-Maven uses the power of Maven for building, reporting, and creating documentation of your PHP projects. It adapts the Maven build life cycle to the PHP world while fully supporting PHP 5. PHP-Maven uses PHPUnit for unit
  15. Goodbye CodeIgniter, Hello Laravel

    . In Laravel it’s easier. You have Tasks using the command line tool that Laravel comes with called Artisan. Miscellaneous Unit Testing – Codeigniter uses a very rudimentary testing class for writing unit tests. It is limited, but you can integrate PHPUnit. Laravel comes with PHPUnit out
  16. What Happened when we Talked PHP with the Experts

    … I believe PHPUnit is where it's at. I've mostly used SimpleTest in the past, but I don't recommend it, and don't let the name fool you… it's not simpler :) MikeH  Good. I started to dabble with that one a few years ago. LornaJan...  And what @HAWK said - if you're
  17. Ruling the Swarm (of Tests) with Codeception

    PHP testing framework built on top of Symfony2 components, Mink, and PHPUnit. Codeception includes more than 20 modules to test over popular PHP frameworks, APIs (REST, SOAP), data stores (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc) and web with Selenium WebDriver. Check it out on the official web site
  18. Preventing Code Rot 101: Unit Testing

    ("John", "tim", "bob", "Martin"); } } <?php ... //**PHPUnit testcase **/ public function setUp() { //mock file included instead of real file $this->db = new DBLayer(); } public function
  19. Thoughts of a Pragmatic Tester

    thinks, "I need to do unit tests, and I should use PHPUnit because it's a standard. I don't know much about it, though." Then he visits the PHPUnit site and reads the first chapter of the documentation, then the second, then the third... and is left scratching his head. "Does everyone write
  20. More Debate on PEAR

    , how successful communities are built. - Accept Simple Test as an alternative PHPUnit. Sorry but (someone needs to stick their neck out) PHPUnit just doesn't cut the grade. Missing features like Mock Objects are essential. Right now I guess only about 20% (if that) of PEAR packages come with unit