If you are a web designer looking to learn new skills, or even just to listen in on conversations about your passion, then podcasts might just be the ticket for you. You can listen in the car, at work, or even at the gym, to gain new insights into your career. Talk about multi-tasking! Here are 5 of my favorite web design podcasts:

1. The Big Web Show

The Big Web Show focuses on a special guest each episode. This is great, because this allows each episode to take a new direction, usually going in depth into what the guest’s specialty is, or is really passionate about. It is produced by the 5by5 Network and features topics like web publishing, art direction, content strategy, typography and more. Big Web has a very loose format, but still manages to pack in a lot of great  information, and the guest format brings in new perspective each and every episode.

2. The Web Ahead

Also produced by the 5by5 Network, The Web Ahead is the more technical cousin of The Big Web Show. More dedicated to the web developer, the show hosted by Jen Simmons focuses on the changing technologies and future of the web. They discuss such topics as HTML5, mobile, responsive web design, iOS, and Android. There are all topics that web designers should be well aware of, even if they are on the front-end.

3. The Deeply Graphic DesignCast

With only 8 episodes under its belt, Deeply Graphic has already found its stride. While not exclusively devoted to web design, many of their episodes do focus on it. Already, there is a 2 part episode all about the web design trends of 2012, as well as an episode dedicated to online portfolio websites. Most of the other episodes focus on general business-side topics that print as well as web designers can apply to their business. Produced by The Deep End design studio in Los Angeles, the three hosts have varied experience, and weigh in on issues from different viewpoints, which makes for a very interesting and entertaining show.

4. Shop Talk

Shop Talk is a podcast with a twist… its also a live call-in show! The two hosts, Chris and Dave share a genuine enthusiasm about web design and development that is infectious. They have guests on a regular basis and they have a lot of fun talking about some really geeky things. But I just happen to be a geek too, so it fits into my day perfectly.

5. The Boagworld Show

Boagworld combines entertaining banter and great information into an extremely listenable package. They follow the format which I like, one topic per episode. But these guys take it a step further, and organize their podcasts into “seasons” of 6 episodes each. Each season is its own umbrella topic, and each episode fits nicely under that umbrella.


Megan Kirby is a graphic designer specializing in typography, web, branding, stationery, fine paper products & wedding suites. She has had work featured in blogs, magazines, books & even had some work exhibited. Always on Twitter & Pinterest, a self proclaimed thrift store addict & a lover of orange cats.

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  • http://www.webhipster.com Vincent Young

    For web accessibility, http://webaxe.blogspot.com/ is a good one.

  • Zsombor Markus
  • http://www.jonashamm.de Jonas

    Thanks for this post! Sitepoint Podcast is great, but there should be a new episode each DAY ;)

    • http://www.managingcommunities.com Patrick O’Keefe

      Thanks so much for the kind words, Jonas. We really appreciate it. :)

  • http://www.3rddesign.com Melbourne Web Design

    Hi Thanks for these resources. I was not at all aware of these podcast, I guess I am a bit behind. In saying that reading Jonas comment : I am very new to Site Point, will be checking back here often.

  • http://www.kabeerkhan.com Kabeer Khan

    Thanx for these podcasts…i also tried one of these

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