Catchy, memorable brand names and stylish logos are assets to any budding business, but a mascot has unique appeal that can foster a friendly, personal relationship between company and customer. For businesses that are primarily web-based enterprises with very little face-to-face interaction with customers, mascots are an especially good way to put a smiling face in front of your clients, develop positive sentiments, and create a good rapport. Below are some of the web’s best website mascots.





Designers Satelier

Dharma Frog

Elitist Snob








Mark Forester (Porfolio)

Mix Turtle


Multi Ways

PSD Gator

Read Whale



Sticky Beak

Themes Kingdom


Up Themes

Web Munky

Yo Div


Bird Brain

Do you have any awesome mascots to add? Do you think mascots are a powerful way to connect with customers, or are they just an extra bit of polish on your website?

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Jean-Pierre Gassin is a web developer, writer and design enthusiast from the Gold Coast, Australia. He runs The GeekGrounds, a tech and gaming culture site, and is studying a Bachelor of Information Technology.

  • Shane Hudson

    Nice selection of mascots! It took me a while to choose whether to get one myself, I am very glad I did… although it is just a cartoon of me, I think it really adds to the website.

  • Brandon

    Where is the AppSumo Sumo and GitHub Octocat??

  • Dropkick Digital

    Love that mail chimp.

  • Ali

    What do you think about

  • heather
  • Jason E

    You might want to include in that list. They have a hand illustrated construction worker as their mascot.

  • Lohan Grobler

    I do think mascots are a powerful way to connect with customers. I think mascots have the same, if not better, influence on people visually, as what a well designed logo does. A well thought and designed Mascot is a great way to create brand awareness. I create Mascots for my clients all the time, and it makes a big difference. People like to be entertained… why not juice up your brand with a creative mascot? Maybe it’s just me…

  • Carl Polizzi
  • Ray

    U forgot hostgator, they got a Gator

  • Website Redesign

    Yeah hostgator’s mascot seems nice.

  • Alan

    You definitely should have included the little van from VansGB –

  • Andrew Kelly

    We’ve just added mascots to our own website, not realising we were riding the crest of the wave of the latest design trend! Clearly, cutting-edge comes naturally! ;)

  • Lyndon

    Really cool – always love those cool design / mascots etc.

    Does anybody know where is a good place to start for me to find a design/illustrator to create/design mascot/logo? Is there a hub site of illustrators or place where I can choose mascot or something? Please?

    Many thanks


  • Navigator Multimedia

    How about an investigation into what prompts web-based businesses into using monkeys as mascots? It seems to be a popular trend.

  • michael meininger

    Also, how can you forget Deviant Art?!

  • Kanuta Design

    Hey that ChubbyGrub looks like the boys at “Up” Movies :)

  • Rey

    Timmy from

  • Angelo

    What do you think of my mascot? PricklyPear Media one, he’s name is Prickly

  • web design darlington

    I hadnt thought of using a mascot on my website before but some of these are pretty cool! Will bear this link in mind in future! Thanks :)

  • http://BusinessAnimationStudio Business Animation Studio

    Nice site and content is great here.

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