New years bring new trends, techniques, and templates to the design community, and WordPress themes are no exception to the rule. If you’re like me, you probably enjoy updating your WordPress themes every now and again to adopt the latest technical standards and design innovations. This year, WordPress themes have taken on responsive designs coupled with beautiful, flexible layouts.

It’s not just the responsive design aspect that makes these modern WordPress themes stand out either. Many are now able to take on valid HTML5 and CSS3, offer drag-and-drop support, and provide improved SEO-friendliness. Plus, you can still use all of the powerful WordPress plugins you know and love. If any of these technical and aesthetic innovations have piqued your interest, I suggest you check out these modern, responsive WordPress themes.

Golden Eagle

1. Golden Eagle_tn


2. Spun_tn

The Style

3. The Style_tn


4. Photum_tn


5. Soul_tn


6. Gonzo_tn


7. Chameleon_tn


8. Storm_tn


9. Aggregate_tn


10. Apex_tn


11. Veecard_tn


12. Adroa_tn


13. Tote_tn


14. Maxx_tn


15. Blitz_tn

Do you have any favorite WordPress themes that aren’t on the list? What do you look for in a WordPress theme that turns it from “good” to “great”?

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Gabrielle is a creative type who works as a freelance graphic designer, animator, photographer and filmmaker. She has worked doing various jobs from designing logos to filming commercials and animating music videos for both domestic and international music artists.

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