10 Wonderful Wooden Web Designs

Gabrielle Gosha

The use of textures in design is a common practice but, there is something about wooden texture in design that offers unique appeal, whether it’s in graphic, web, or architectural design. Wooden textures bring something to the design table that some textures just can’t. The great thing about using wood textures is that it doesn’t limit you. Whether you are working on a design for a restaurant or just an online portfolio, chances are you will be able to gracefully incorporate wood in some shape or fashion.

This trend is not new by any means, but it is steadily being used to give a more natural and sophisticated look to websites. If you ever wanted to use some wooden textures for your own design but didn’t know how to incorporate it, then you are in luck. Today’s roundup showcasing ten wonderful wooden web designs will surely inspire you to go check out the many websites that offer free wooden textures for you to use on your next project.

1. Sweet Green

2. La Masa Mimatta

3. Cellar Thief

4. Real-Visuals

5. Swiths

6. Sheldon Farm Baskets

7. Duchy Originals

8. Modstudio

9. Jobin Design Construction

10. Pontus Persson

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  • http://www.pragmaticdesign.co.uk Web Design Wolverhampton

    Tree-mendous ;)

    • http://digifaceproject.wordpress.com Gabrielle

      Very clever! :)

  • kidstell

    I’m unto PHP. I’m trying to create a download site which will enable visitors or members to upload a file by entering the Url of the file(eg http://www.a.com/file=4ale). Can php actually help to extract this file from another domain.

    • http://www.designfestival.com Peter North

      Hi Kidstell.

      We have an entire website dedicated to PHP mastery. They may be able to provide some answers for you. Check out PHPMaster.com. It may have the PHP technique you’re looking for.


  • http://esdat.net Trevor

    Great information and very inspiring – always wanted to use a wood texture and now feel it’s time! … Thanks

    • http://digifaceproject.wordpress.com Gabrielle

      Wonderful! Good luck and thank you.

  • ayesha

    thnk u