Lorem Ipsum is by far the most productive of the dummy texts. These generators gives the users the facility to generate words, paragraphs, sentences of different types. Some also enables you to insert HTML tags into the page. Today we are sharing you our collection of 10 Lorem Ipsum Generators that you will find very useful. Leave us your comment. Have fun!

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1. Dynamic Dummy Image Generator

Height is optional, if no height is specified the image will be a square.

Dynamic Dummy Image

Source + Demo

2. HTML Ipsum

HTML Ipsumis a website presenting “Lorem Ipsum” text in HTML format. It can also provide Mac-friendly outputs with: Coda clips, Textmate bundles, and Menu bar app.

HTML Ipsum

Source + Demo

3. Liquor Ipsum

A Stiffer Lorem Ipsum Generator

Liquor Ipsum

Source + Demo

4. Fillerati

Faux Latin is a Dead Language


Source + Demo

5. Vatican Assassin

Charlie Sheen Lorem Ipsum Generator

Vatican Assassin

Source + Demo

6. LittleIpsum

Latin Text Generator for Mac OS X


Source + Demo

7. Dummy Text Generator

Handy tool helps you create dummy text for all your layout needs.

Dummy Text

Source + Demo

8. Bacon Ipsum

A Meatier Lorem Ipsum Generator

Bacon Ipsum

Source + Demo

9. Veggie Ipsum

The vegetarian Lorem Ipsum generator

Veggie Ipsum

Source + Demo

10. Cupcake Ipsum

Sugar-coated Lorem Ipsum Generator

Cupcake Ipsum

Source + Demo

11. http://gagipsum.com/

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  • http://unitedipsums.com jack

    dont forget about the most patriotic Lorem Ipsum out there, the political ipsum generator keeping you up to date with latest he-said/she-said of the 2012 presidential race: http://www.unitedipsums.com!

  • http://skateipsum.com jason

    I made this over the weekend and want to share it: http://skateipsum.com/ A gnarly skate ipsum generator.

  • jquery4u
  • Paul

    Another useful one http://lorem-ipsum.ch

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