jQuery embraces event management, animation and Ajax interactions for enhanced web development. In this post we are featuring some breathtaking jQuery plugins which should catch the eye of any website visitor. Have fun!

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1. Ninja UI

A jQuery plugin enabling beautiful web interface objects efficiently and unobtrusively.

Ninja UI

Source + Demo

2. Elycharts

Is a pure JavaScript charting library, easy to use and completely customizable. It helps you create good looking interactive charts on you web pages or web applications, with a lot of useful features: legend and label support, mouse tracking, tooltips, templates, animations, and more.



3. Timelinr

Is a simple jQuery plugin that helps you to give more life to boring timelines. It supports horizontal and vertical layouts, and you can parameterize the majority of attributes: speed, transparency, etc.



4. grumble.js

Provides special tooltips without the usual limitations of north/east/south/west positioning. A grumble can be rotated around a given element at any angle, all 360 degrees.


Source + Demo

5. jQuery.fracs

Determines the fraction of an HTML element that is currently in the viewport, as well as the fraction it takes of the complete viewport and the fraction of the area that might possibly be visible.



6. Mobiscroll

Is a wheel scroller user control optimized for touchscreens to easily enter date and/or time. The control can easily be customized to support any custom values and can even be used as an intuitive alternative to the native select control (dropdown list).



7. Blueberry

Is an experimental open source jQuery image slider plugin which has been written specifically to work with fluid/responsive web layouts.


Source + Demo

8. PikaChoose

Is a lightweight jQuery Slideshow plugin allowing for easy presentation of photos with carousels and lightboxes!


Source + Demo

9. Wave Display Effect with jQuery

This plugin lets you show images and content in a unique form – a wave. The idea is to initially have some smaller thumbnails rotated and placed in the shape of a sine curve.

Wave Display Effect with jQuery


10. jmFullWall

Is a jQuery plugin for the creation of an impressive portfolio.



Sam Deering is a Front-end Web Developer who specialises in JavaScript & jQuery. Sam is driven and passionate about sharing his knowledge to educate others.

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